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​Dark Hor​se Designs​

Handcrafted gifts, scarves and artwork

Themed purses

Affordable and fun canine fashion

VA Comfort Scarf Program

Just in time for summer...

Fourth of July reversible-slide through bandanas

Ships in a first class mail envelop for quick and easy delivery!

Our Story

Where it all began

Draw What You Know

It all started with a mentoring session in 2011 with San Diego based artist, Joe Nyiri, my high school art teacher.  He was hosting an art program at one of the San Diego libraries and I decided to attend with my father and eldest daughter.  Throughout the class Mr. Nyiri encouraged everyone to "draw what you know, what you were familiar with and how you saw it."

What started out as a family art outing had rekindled a love I had forgotten, in the rush of learning how to "adult," and I started to get back to my artistic roots.  I found myself playing in pastels and colored pencils again; revisiting my 10 year old youth madly in love with horses.

Artistic Growth

Over the next few years I found myself creating portraits of several of my friends' horses and even began visiting my deep creative roots in yarn work.  As a child I had spent hours watching my mother crochet and knit.  I finally had my mother formally show me how to crochet and I began making scarves for my own three children.  After a very brief lesson, and tons of unchaining mistakes, my mother's summer visit to see the grandkids seemed to have added an creative benefit for me.  To my mother's credit, all those hours she slaved away at the sewing machine or made baby afghans never went unnoticed.

An Idea Is Born

My youngest daughter was distraught one night while she was at her father's house, when her dog went outside to go potty and she could not see her against the dark countryside night.  We brainstormed and came up with the idea that it would be great to see her in the dark, if she had on a hot pink blanket it on.  I created a pattern for her and made several others in varying sizes with the remaining fabric. 

Seeing that I could create something on a budget, I realized that there are many more pet owners who might benefit from having a quality product and an affordable cost.  With the encouragement of my family I decided to pursue my dream of developing my own business and began to develop scarves, artwork and, various articles of dog clothing for Dark Horse Designs.

Affordable and fun canine fashion

Below are some of our happy customers and friends who have shared photos of their beloved companions modeling our creations!  We encourage our customers to feel free to share their pets photos with us to add to the gallery.

All photos used are with owner permission.

Little Bear was the proud honorary model for the "Salute to Service Dogs" edition large blanket.  Spanky is a medium size proud Georgia Bulldog Fan every game day.  Yes, we know he 's a cocker and not a bulldog.  Please don't tell him.

Beau loves hiking in the mountains, he is believed to be a cross between a Great Dane and German Shepard and wears the half-a-pony size.  Cynde wears a small long which covers all the way to her wiener dog tail.

Amazing discovery:  Size medium fits a baby goat perfectly!​